People waking up other people

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Funny, someone pitched this idea at a hackathon I went to ~6 months ago. As soon as it's available on iOS, I'd give it a try because what's better than starting your morning with an awkward conversation with a stranger. :)
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@rrhoover seems it did pretty well for a 6 months product. 1.5M users if I recall correct. I look forward to wake others up :)
@ugurkaner to be clear, this isn't the same people that pitch it at the hackathon (at least, I assume not).
@rrhoover That was definitely someone else. Could you please remember what was the product name or something like that to find that guys?
I read an article on waking up in the morning a few weeks ago. It specifically stated that having a conversation early in the morning can do wonders for your energy throughout the day. Excited to try this.
@michaelschultz Hi Michael and thank you your feedback. Well I can say that it's true. When some complete stranger of opposite gender calls you just to wake you up - wow, that's fantastic. Your brain starts to work as fast as it can. Morning socializing.
not quite there yet =(
@liveink Hi Kevin, sorry for that, we'll do our best to fix it ASAP.
They don't have the iPhone app yet. I like the concept and look forward to try out.
@ugurkaner Thank you. We are trying to move faster with Apple AppStore Review Team but it really takes some time. The app is ready and waits for its debut.
Ha! This is so neat! I had a similar idea buzz through my brain a while ago, so I was excited to see someone already gave it a go! Can't wait for the iPhone version!