Simple & Gentle Alarm Clock for Android

Wakey is a simple & beautiful animated alarm clock, featuring a spectacular design and an immersive experience - guaranteed to wake you up with a smile everyday!

With our smiling sunrise, and grumpy lunar animations, this is the coolest alarm clock in our solar system.

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Hendrik Haandrikman
  • Hendrik Haandrikman
    Hendrik HaandrikmanVP of Growth, Bitrise

    The swipe up-down mechanic and the related animation is amazing


    Nothing big (Android's native time picker isn't great)

    I understand what you're going for with the yellow on dark blue colour-scheme for the overlays, but it's not really working imo. Apart from that, the design/animation is awesome and the mechanic feels pretty good (after having tried it a handful of times over the last hour or so: I'm pretty sure that people in the office are wondering why my alarm goes off every 5 minutes)

    Hendrik Haandrikman has used this product for one day.
@nadavfima Have started using it Ux is great :) Timepicker is difficult to set the time Is there anything can be improved.?
@nadavfima @sivaram636 I like the time picker 😄
@sivaram636 @howlerkate it's the default Android timepicker. I'll try to make it customizable through settings.
@howlerkate @nadavfima Thanks. Am using oneplus 6. I think they customised it seems.
@sivaram636 Just uploaded a new version with a custom time picker. I think you'll like it :)
This is beautiful. The lack of high quality Android apps has always been annoying, since everyone rather develop for iOS. Nice to see someone giving Android users a great experience.
Great App. I'm missing a clock widget so I can reach the app from the home screen like I do with the default Android clock app. Please consider adding.
Wow! Looks amazing. Great job 👏
Because most of the applications UI is bespoke to the application and not really following any guides for the platform, the native time picker while fine in it's own right feels out of place.
@itsnblackburn just updated that on the new version. should be available for everyone within a few hours at the most.
@nadavfima Yup, i have had it for about an hour and it is a huge improvement and fits in beautifully with the rest of the UI.