Wakeout 4

600+ Fun exercises tailored to your mood, location and time

Bringing the benefit of exercise to the people who don't do any.
Wakeouts are fun exercises tailored to your location, mood and time availability that you can do in 3 minutes or less.
  • Ana Cardona Morfin
    Ana Cardona MorfinJust Tea No Shade

    Exercises are so much fun and it's so easily customizable!


    I haven't used this new version enough to tell if there're cons.

    It really doesn't matter where you are or how much time you've got, there's no excuses not to mooooove!

    Ana Cardona Morfin has used this product for one day.
  • Julian Builes
    Julian BuilesTech & Music

    - Super cool user experience - An overall really fun product to use - Great to use at work to break up work sessions


    - No android support as of today

    Keep it up guys!

    Julian Builes has used this product for one day.
👋Hi everyone! After hundreds of surveys, reviews, user feedback and over 1 million downloads, we're excited to bring you Wakeout 4.0—The easiest way to get more exercise. 👯‍♀️🎉 As part of our release party, we're giving you 3 months of the fully unlocked version of Wakeout for the next 24 hours. Just download Wakeout, then tap the link below to unlock it. No sign ups, no trials: ⚡️3 FREE MONTHS FOR PH 👉🎁——> Activate 3 Months of Wakeout Pro 🤷‍♂️ SO WHAT IS WAKEOUT? We're bringing the benefit of exercise to the people that don't do any. Our secret to getting people that don't have time to work out? Comfort. Unlike other exercise apps that require tremendous self-motivation and time, Wakeout makes exercising part of your lifestyle. Whether you're at work, in bed, in a plane, or taking a break from a Netflix binge, Wakeout gives you an exercise tailored to your mood and location that you do in 3 minutes or less. It's hard to say no to exercises this convenient. We're making exercise accessible, easy, fun and rewarding—so you do more of it. So far, we've achieved that with many of our customers. And we're just getting started. 📍AVAILABLE LOCATIONS We've recorded over 600 exercises, and designed 192 routines for 13 different situations (more coming soon!). Here's the locations currently available: 🛌 Bedroom (in bed, on the edge of the bed, standing beside your bed) 🛋 Living room (relaxing foot massage, couch workouts and Netflix binge breaks, intense living room workouts, silly animal workouts) 💼 Office (office yoga, hand exercises to help prevent carpal tunnel, office exercises) ☕️ Coffee shop (discreet exercises for a co-working space or coffee shop) 🏞 Park (relaxing picnic exercises or intense park bench exercises) 🔝 Stairs (a flight of stairs makes for an awesome gym!) 🚶🏻‍♀️ Walking (fun exercise to combine with your daily walk) ⚡️WHAT'S NEXT? 🏖 Beach workouts. If you find yourself at the beach, we just finished recording some really fun exercises (get ready to build a sand castle!) ✈️ Airplane exercises. For those long flights. 🚗 Ride sharing. For when you find yourself in an Uber or Lyft, take advantage of that time to get a little exercise. - Progress tracker - More workouts and routines - Favorites - Possible Mac OS app Would love your feedback dear hunters! Let us know what you think! ⚡️DON'T FORGET YOUR 3 FREE MONTHS! 👉🎁——> 3 Months of Wakeout Pro
Can’t get the link for three free months to work
This app make me laugh haha
Lol the best application to look like a fool
@jenniferrrrrooo Haha, Sometimes letting loose and being silly is one of the best ways to brighten your day.
I love it!!!! I've followed these guys since V1 and it's incredible how far they've come. Tried it today and I'm very Impressed. Keep up the good work guys 😎
@jlnbuiles Thanks for the kind words! 🙏
Great app! Highly recommend!