A new way to wake up—with workouts you do in your pajamas

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I have a few concerns regarding a workout in bed (potential back damage for instance). Will there be warnings to people who own a very soft mattress, or equivalent routines near the bed?
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@jamwilly420 Good point. That was the first thing that came out of my mind when I saw this
@pddro I just can't see this as being in anyway safe. Saying that your models didn't report any problems while filming the video is a nonsense; have you had this properly vetted by medical and fitness professionals?
@angus_halen Yes we have. Anyway, this isn't a hardcore fitness app, just body movements to get you out of bed. Not really getting the point here. Wakeouts are pretty safe and chill.
@angus_halen @pddro No doctor nor professional athlete would recommend to do sit ups on a mattress. You can clearly see in the gif how the model's lumbar area is sinked and that's just a recipe for back injuries. I get that you have to sell your app but don't tell people to chill just for stating the obvious risks.
@angus_halen @mellamoosiris Edited my comment for clarity, not telling anyone that offers feedback to chill 🙈
Thanks for the hunt @robjama! Wakeout is the result of feedback we got from our readers of a newsletter we send called Power Mornings. In each of the 13 issues so far, we included a little home workout routine you do in bed or by the bedside to help you wake up. It was what our readers enjoyed the most out of the newsletter, so we decided to turn it into an app! 🛏 We designed 78 "Wakeouts" that you do drowsy, in the comfort of your bed, in your pajamas. Simple movements to help you wake up. 🏃 A wakeout routine is randomly generated and consists of three exercises. It takes less than three minutes, but it'll get your blood pumping. Pro subscribers can chose to keep going for as many exercises as their body can handle. ⚡️ You can either set the alarm to wake out as soon as you wake up, or hit the "Wakeout Now!" button and it'll generate a new routine on the fly. We're here all day, reading every comment. This project came out of feedback, and it'll get improved and polished with feedback. Please tell us all your concerns, ideas and issues. Have a powerful week, ⚡️🐻
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@pddro interested in the 'Power Mornings' newsletter - where can I subscribe? thanks!
@iankibble Thanks! You can sub here (and btw, we've moved to a monthly format, website not yet updated): http://powermornings.co
This is one of the coolest alarm clocks / workout apps I've seen! That's coming from someone who's made an alarm clock app and several fitness apps :) Instant download. Congrats on the launch Pedro 💪
@robjama This means a lot! Big fan of your work!
Sorry but I cannot see how this is safe for areas such as your lower back or your wrists for that matter. Never mind you can take 2 seconds to get out of bed and do this on the floor
@dmilanov Completely agree. This is nonsense.
I love this idea. Reminds me a bit of 5 minute flow: http://maxshank.com/change-your-... Doing some full range of motion in the morning is GREAT for you. I do something similar everyday. The point of it isn't to be a "workout", but to get joints/muscles moving and ready for the day. I'd suggest adjusting the messaging here. Calling it a "workout in bed" makes it sound a bit too serious (which is why I'm guessing so many people are commenting about safety). I'd position it as a way to help you wake up / move / feel better throughout the day. No one's getting abs doing a 3 min workout by their bed. But they certainly can get blood flowing and improve range of motion.
@mscccc Brilliant contribution, thank you Mike!