Robotic wake up service that briefs you on your day

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Hello Product Hunters! WakeBot is a robotic wake up service giving you a personalized briefing of everything that is going on during your day and happening around the world. Set your usual wake up time and start your day by having WakeBot read you a set of custom and engaging information. Instead of just hitting snooze over and over again, WakeBot will get your brain in gear and actually help you get up when you want to. Listen to the local weather, your agenda, current stock prices and the top news stories. WakeBot has been been a passion project for me and I'm excited to share it with the community. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback and I'm eager to know what functionality you think I should build next.
@scottgeye Congrats on launching, Scott. Can you expand on the reasons one should use this? I'd like to understand better if there are any studies that show something like this would be a better way to wake up or if it's something more of personal taste?
@ebsalberto, great question. There wasn't any academic research that specifically inspired me to build the app. As a chronic over sleeper, I've always been looking for ways to stop hitting the snooze button. In reading articles and talking to people about how they get up in the morning, one common them developed. Doing something engaging as soon as you could made it easier to keep from falling back asleep. Since I typically look at my phone for a whole host of information as soon as I wake up, I wanted to see if I could shortcut that process and have that information directly feed to me as part of an "alarm". I use WakeBot every day and it's really helped me become more of a morning person. I've heard success stories from others as well and hope you'll try it out.
@scottgeye Thanks. I can certainly relate. Will try it out.
Creative idea. Reminds me of Call Frank.
@rrhoover thanks! I'll check it out.
Just need this, right now.
Do you happen to have videos of this product in action?
@iqbalrofficial, since the UI is pretty simple I haven't thrown together any promotional videos. Once you set up an alarm, the main way you'll interact with WakeBot is through a normal phone call that comes through at the time you set. From there, it's all voice audio giving you you're morning briefing. Was there anything specific about the way it works that you were curious about? Thanks!