Wake Social

Wake your friends with fun voice recordings and challenges

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Hey guys I'm the creator of Wake Social. The goal was to push the limits of making the wake up experience as social and interactive as possible. There are tons of other social alarm platforms out there and also alarms that use games and challenges to force the person out of bed but there has been none that have actually combined the two in an unique social experience for friends and that's what Wake Social hopes to achieve. It does this by allowing you to control how your friend's alarm operates when they wake up. Say for example a friend you to wake them up. You are able to record a cool song with the app. It's bundled with several beats allowing you to make a short ten second song that you will send to your friend's phone. You then have the ability to annoy that friend by setting challenges they have to complete to stop the alarm. You can force them out of bed using Barcode Rush, where they have to scan a particular barcode to stop their alarm or Repeat After Me where the friend is able to set the voice command they have to say before the alarm stops. What makes this challenge even cooler is that once the alarm is completed you can literally hear your friend saying the voice command see all the activities you challenged your friend with and how they performed! It's really fun guys you should check it out. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I have known Joel for a while now and his work ethic and desire to make Wake Social is off the charts. It has come a long way and I am sure is only getting better. So glad to support Joel in his first app endeavor. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Great! Love this idea!
@dwaynesamuels Thanks alot Dwayne!
Seems like an awesome app, does it depend on friends or can a bot wake me up and give me some random task such as go to the supermarket and scan a tin of mackerel?
@shawnrmclean hey Shawn at the moment we don't support that as yet. Was seriously thinking of creating an app mascot that would wake you up if you have no friends to wake you. If I see that lots of alarms are being created with no friends associated I will be sure to roll out this feature in an update where the mascot/bot generates challenges for you.
Interesting .
@karthrenkarajan Glad you find it interesting hehehe :D