A private space to share & discuss design work w/ your team.

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Wake has probably the most entertaining product video I have seen
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@_sergeh In large part thanks to William Wilkinson.
Hey Product Hunters! I'm one of the founders of Wake, and we're really excited to open up the doors to let anyone start using Wake. Use the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT to get a 25% discount for 1 year.
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@johanbakken Hello Johan, what's the difference between Wake and similar apps like Invision?
@uxboy Wake is super focused on letting designers share ideas as quickly as possible, without the need to leave their design tools or create projects within a bulky web interface. The less you need to think about, the more likely you will be willing to integrate frequent sharing into your workflow. We want designers to share their entire process from the first sketch to the final prototype, and we want them to use whatever tools they like. In my opinion, other tools add a lot of process and friction to the workflow.
@johanbakken Hi Johan, is the 25% off the current yearly rate of $12 per user or off the month-to-month rate of $15 per user?
Wake was hunted earlier. But they launched publicly yesterday. The desktop software and iOS app allow designers to make screenshots of their work and upload them directly from their design tools ( Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator) into a gridded timeline. Wake is home to rough sketches and halfway-there frameworks, a journal of a project’s many iterations. Designers can leave comments and follow along as work progresses.
You know that moment you see a start up that executes an idea you had but never actioned? Awesome idea #IwishIddonethat
I used public beta for a while its really useful, but sadly I couldn't get my team to use it. What I loved about it was slack integration cause most of teams use it now.