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Great concept for an idea - I hope it gets the traction it deserves!
@robin_lumley_savile thanks Robin for your support
The word Wakati come from Swahili meaning Time and Moment. Wakati is centered around moments; A ‘Moment’ is an invitation for you to join together with fellow humans on this life journey, celebrating this innate human nature of gathering together. You will be able to plan physical moments with friends, family and the society around you. Moment specific photos and videos can be shared by everybody joining in; stretching your precious moment to last a lifetime. Imagine a lifetime of moments captured and displayed on your own personal world map. Imagine hovering over this map of your life, zooming into it, opening and reliving those moments at any time. Imagine your profile no longer being just status updates and random posts. Instead it’s a colourful and engaging display of moments you spent in the company of family, friends, neighbours and other fellow humans. We only offer you the tools; you are the soul of it all. Available on IOS only for now
@ashleypoorun I am from Kenya where Swahili is one of our official laungages. Love the name of the app, will try it out for sure.
@fernamuruthi Thanks Fernandez. Very cool. We fell in love with the word. Have you heard the song Wakati from Fidel Atondola; it's great. Beautiful language Swahili
@ashleypoorun i have had a listen beautiful, uplifting song. Asante sana (Thank You) for your kind remarks on Swahili..
@fernamuruthi indeed uplifting. "merci boucou " ( Mauritian Creole for Thank you very much )