Waka Coffee

Forget what you know about instant coffee.

We sell quality instant coffee direct to consumers that is unlike any other traditional brand out there. Made of 100% Arabica beans, and freeze dried to preserve the beans' original flavor and aroma. 4% of our profits go to support clean water initiatives.

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I wish there was a discounted monthly subscription model


Great taste, easy to use, fast, ideal for camping


a bit pricy (but totally worth it)

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Thank you for the feedback @assaf_mentzer. We might open a lower price subscription-based ordering option in the near future so stay tuned.

Tried it two times after my colleague recommended.


Taste!!! and social responsibility!!!


Love it! cant complain

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Thanks @oferoringher1! I am glad you liked our coffee!
It looks like a great idea for coffee at work too. You should approach businesses as well.
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@bravoamdrew Thanks for the feedback! You are right, we are looking for businesses to partner with. Hopefully we will get into the B2B space soon too.
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@bravoamdrew - That might work in some parts of the country -- have a hard time imagining it being something people would choose to drink at work here in Portland.
@cacarr Let's hope they will:) You should try it too. It might change your mind about instant coffee.
This is too cool! Are you in stores too?
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@dantheman Hi Amy, not at the moment. We currently sell on our website and on Amazon. Thanks for the support!

Need to invest more on marketing. I don't think enough people know about it.


I tried it and it actually tastes very good for instant coffee. Very good for traveling and camping.


A bit pricy.