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Create (and view) countdown timers in your Mac Menu Bar

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This is cool: easily create countdown timers for your upcoming events. I put in some upcoming conferences I'm speaking at (yikes, MicroConf is only 13 days away!) It's actually really helpful having these as reminders on the Mac Menu Bar. Well done @maxgribov!
First of all, thanks @mijustin for a good hunt! :) I sincerely hope that the application will be useful to you guys. Feel free to write about any problems associated with the application. And I'll always be glad to hear any of your wishes. I also plan on not to stop and make a version for iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV (road map you can view on the website: http://waitinglist.site).
@maxgribov does the trial have any limits? Great app you got here!
@justingosan Yes, after seven days the trial version stops working. But don't worry, all your events will not be lost if you download the full version - everything will be in place.
@justingosan also for a trial version is available only two sets of skins.
Very nice design and useful, thank you. Did in swift or electron ?
@csaba_kissi the application is written in good old objective-c :)
@maxgribov Hardcore wil never die 😎
@csaba_kissi no hardcore :) objective-c is a good language and I write while faster than the swift...
@maxgribov of course. No offensive from my side ;)
Awesome! Been looking for something like this for a while. :)