Wagon SQL editor

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Just downloaded because it works well with redshift and this is great. It's no-nonsense as a SQL editor but adds built in visualization. Can't wait to watch it develop!
@jsneedles stop jumping on the band wagon 😏
@jsneedles Thanks Jeff. We're shipping as fast as we can with your ideas. Check out our (fun) release notes to see the progress www.wagonhq.com/release-notes.
I miss a preview like a screenshot. What does it look like?
The team that i work on uses wagon for PostgreSQL, and it is great!
Just started using this for visualization on a non-trivial psql db, and it's great. I find the "Auto generated charts" feature is amazing. I don't have to import data into python now to see trivial database charts! Thanks guys for building this.
Looks really promising. Hope I can integrate it into my daily usage. Been hard to find the best SQL tool.
@chezacke Keep us posted, we're in band.wagonhq.com if you want to chat with the team.