A smart collar to track your dog's health 🐶

Waggit takes the wrist wear of the human health care world and brings it into your dog’s collar so you can improve your dog's health and possibly lengthen their life. The smart collar tracks your dog’s vitals, activity, location and more.

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Wish there was a "Buy Now" button.
@joshuapinter Thanks. We are super excited to be in pre-sales https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
Seems good, nice design and nice mobile app UI, congrats! Just wondering though, what features does it include that the already existing pet health trackers (say Canhegat for example) do not? Waggit seems to be much more expensive as well
@ambroisedlg Thanks! Waggit is so much more than the trackers that are in the market today. While we do have tracking technology and activity monitoring, the key difference of Waggit is that it learns every dog's baselines and tracks changes in heart rate, respiration rate, body positions, and quality of sleep and alerts to changes that can be indicative of pain or illness. We are an Owlet Baby Monitor wrapped in an iPhone :)

I have been in beta since June


It can detect health conditions early and is also super fun and easy to use.


Not having to change it every 7 days

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