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Interesting idea - any plans to expand out the US?
We are already in US & Canada. And yes, we have plans to go further though not sure which country will be next. We have been exploring the UK, India and even Brazil :) - where are you at?
we're on the hunt for a payroll provider as we speak. will definitely add you to our list. assuming taxes are on top of this fee?
@mjb_sf Yay! If you mean sales tax, then yes. Sadly, our lobbying efforts to end all sales taxes have not paid off, just yet :) I would encourage you to signup and check out the app to see if it might be what you are looking for. - thanks for the upvote!
@shradr How does this differ from the plethora of other payroll solutions out there? As a former service provider VP of Sales, I know how hard it can be for startups/ providers to use these kinds of new(ish) tools. Will you be integrating with accounting softwares and other tools for back-office management? Zenefits, Xero, Bill.com, Expensify, etc. Besides pricing, why would a startup/ provider use Wagepoint vs. another solution? Last question, how are you getting customer acquisition? Selling to providers and SMBs or? Thanks! :D
@TheNickFrost Great questions. And these are the things we spent time considering before we wrote a single line of code. It does appear crowded on the surface but here are some stats that excite us: - $9.1M small businesses with less than 100 employees in both US & Canada - Only 25% of them outsource payroll, the rest do it manually - 700,000 new small businesses are created each year So clearly, the math works pretty great from a pure opportunity perspective. Now, from a customers perspective, the experience of running payroll with us is completely different from most incumbents (save some new startups in the space). Most of the service providers out there have some pretty dated software and processes. It isn't just in the UX/ UI but it also curbs their ability to scale customer support before having to resort to a call-centre style of servicing. We have automated so much of the back-end processes (the part where we have to move millions of dollars to numerous accounts) that we can invest in things like customer support and adding cool features like allowing employees to get paid in bitcoin (Avail in Canada, soon in the US) and yes, we actually have quite a few people who use that feature :) Perhaps the best indication that the space is in need of some next-gen products is that we have won over 500 customers in less than 18 months and we literally just launched in the US. We already integrate with Xero and many more are on the way, incl. some of the ones you mentioned. We are just getting started... :)
We're a client and absolutely love Wagepoint. @shradr
@dHolowack Dan, you are seriously one cool cat :)