Uber for dog walking. Push a button, get your dog walked 🐶

Tap a button and get your dog walked. Sounds simple enough, but there's enormous complexity behind this.

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Product Hunters use "hunterpup" to get your first walk free! We test-launched this service in LA and were overwhelmed with the response and now we're excited to bring Wag to SF. Wag let's you schedule a Wag pro to walk your dog or order a walk on demand for $20/walk. Wag values trust and safety above all else. All of our walkers have been meticulously screened and rigorously trained. Many of our walkers are former dog trainers, veterinarians and dog owners/lovers. We deliver a lock-box right to your doorstep for free so your trusted walker can get in to your house while you're at work or away from home. You can watch and interact with your walker through the app to see how far they’ve walked (in real-time), if your dog pee’d and/or pooped, and get a report card with a smiling photo once the walk is complete. We've done all we can to prioritize a trusted, fun, and friendly experience and welcome all feedback and questions.
@jpviner Great work Wag team! I've really been impressed with the Wag customer reviews. People love your service. Can you share how you instill a sense of trust amongst new customers? Giving people access to your home and pet can be a frightening proposition, and yet people are handing them over to you. I think the PH community would benefit from your thoughts. Great work!
@jtriest Thanks! Trust is our number 1 asset. Most importantly it starts with the walkers we hire, many of them are volunteers at shelters, foster dogs, in the veterinary field, trainers & dog owners. They all truly love dogs. Within the app you can view the walkers profile, reviews & watch their video to gain a further comfort in who walks your furry loved one. Through this process you can comfortably choose your walker. We've really worked hard to build trust into the product experience as our top priority. Wag walkers must undergo an extensive screening process, background check and become certified through our Wag University. All walkers are fully insured and bonded which provides coverage for your dog, home, valuables, etc. We provide free Wag branded lock boxes to securely store your key, allowing your walker to safely gain access to your home.
Awesome site, awesome founder - Joshua is a great guy to chat with and the walkers are professional + vetted. Great service!
@jjeremycai Thanks, trust is our number 1 asset and it all starts with the walkers!
I think being able to see the route taken is a very cool feature. There's a kennel in Oakland that has webcams so you can spot your dog while you're traveling. They never work but my wife checks them religiously. Meerkat for your dog... I was wondering what your model is with walkers. What do you pay them, what's Wag's take, and do you think you'll ever bump up against dogvacay's market?
@andrewfarah meerkat for dogs, that would be cool :) someone should build it! Our rev share to the walkers is 60% which is standard in the dog walking industry. In addition our walkers recieve 100% of the tips. Since Docvacay product is boarding focused and we compliment each other nicely. We don't intend to enter the boardin space and are truly focused on providing an amazing dog walking experience which is just so different from boarding.
everybody wins with WAG: owner, walker and especially the dog. Great idea, great execution and can't wait to try the service in Marin!
@joshmedia Thanks! Look forward to servicing your furry loved one in Marin!
How quickly are walkers available for the on demand service? can I order a walk last minute or something I need to plan a day or two ahead?
@blobshake You can order a walk last minute and Wag will take care of the rest!