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How many views are needed to earn 1$?
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@evivz Very good question. It depends the number of followers/views/session time. In the beginning I can say it's relatively easy compare to others. :))))))))))))
@jamesgungun Say I have 0 followers and 1000 views with average 25 seconds session then?
@jamesgungun My second question is how will you pay? Wire transfer? Paypal?
@evivz I can't promise you but it's like $1.
Hello Product Hunt Community, Through the iterations of our first app Trigger News, we got invaluable feedback from the community and that inspired us to develop a second app, Waffles. Waffles is an app for everyone to share interesting things that are happening around you. An international news, a live events, or a cool trip can be your material in Waffles. You are the anchor of your life, and everyone can explore the world through your beautiful eyes. We feel Waffles is an intuitive complementary content consumption model to Trigger. Would love to get more awesome feedback from you all.
What do you make of the recent news of Grasswire shutting down after raising millions at the end of 2014 for their news-created-by-users site?
@bentossell Absolutely. Grasswire has the really interesting and brilliant idea that everyone can be an anchor or a reporter to write articles; We want to take this idea to the next level - 1) People prefer video to text, so we let everyone "record" interesting things near around them 2)We offer revenue sharing by number of views of peoples' recording. 3)The technology behind this is that we are able to encourage core users to report interesting news by users' location/interests.
@bentossell Grasswire isn't shutting down; it's now self sustaining and will continue to grow, just not on VC money :)
How can I use money that I earn?
@status_200_ok Up to you. We use Paypal.