Wafer Messenger

Endless Creativity, Limitless Reach.


Wafer Messenger is the world’s first app that combines the concepts of Endless Creativity and Limitless Reach. Wafer lets you compose the most creative messages by combining up to 6 types of media in one single message. It also lets you chat and initiate free calls with 100% of your contacts; even those who are not on Wafer!

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  • Pros: 

    Multi layering in messages and limitless reach allow you to be very creative and to reach all of your contacts straight after installing!


    I like it how it is now, but all feedback is welcome!

    I love using this app, as it allows you to reach all your friends from the moment you start using it. No more thinking who of your friends is on what chat to switch between multiple chats. This one allows you to do everything in a super creative way. This app has much potential to grow far in my opinion and I just like sending fun and interactive to all of my friends.

    Niels Hoorelbeke has used this product for one month.
  • Simone La TorreCEO, Wafer Inc.

    Most versatile app out there. First true chat app aggregator


    Feedback for improving Wafer is very very welcome! The team always listens!

    Wafer is that true revolutionary platform that, from the very first moment you use it, gives you access to all your contacts. Even to those contacts who are not on Wafer. And this is simply game-changing. Wafer is the first chat app that lets you delete all other chat apps, without any negative impact on out outreach potential!

    Simone La Torre has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Versatile. Limitless. Awesome.


    No better alternative

    I use this app every day.

    Tony Miles has used this product for one year.