Waccal Investor Relations

Investor Relations, financials & cap table for startups

Investor relations is more than cap table management. It also includes financial reporting, news room, and document center. The Waccal platform manages all aspects of investor relations for your startup. Your investors want it and you need it to grow.
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Thanks for the hunt @bramk!! I am one of the founders of Waccal and I want to welcome you to the new standard for managing investor relations, PR releases, financial reporting, and cap table for private companies. Far too often when we talk with startup founders, they don’t participate in investor relations or consider updating their cap table as investor relations. On the other hand, when we talk to investors, they are waiting for the day that their portfolio companies start using an investor relations platform to consistently report out to them. Waccal is the solution for both parties. It includes all aspects of investor relations: cap table management, financial reporting, news room, and documents center. We get it, founders are far too busy to invest time on investor relations. That’s why we worked with hundreds of startups and investors to provide a solution to this pain point that eliminates rework and automates most of it. Now, with a little effort, founders can have their investor relations platform up and working for them. Check out how others are already using the platform for their investor relations by searching for them in the search bar. If you look at any successful startup, they had an investor relations page way before they made it. Data shows that startups who actively participate in investor relations increase transparency with their investors, close the information asymmetry gap, and reduce the risk for investors, which lead to follow-on funding and higher valuation. Investors want to hear the small and bad news too. This way they can help before its too late. We would love your feedback and thoughts on the platform!
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Love it! There is nothing else like it.
@blizzard786 Thank you Fuzel!!
Voted Already :)
Awesome platform, bring best of both worlds for investors and startups on single platform. Highly recommended
Thank you @alnoorali77!! Looking forward to our ongoing partnership!
It will be a great tool! Good Luck!
@paul_gomes Thank you Paul!!