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Great job to the Waccal team!
Great, hope to find investor for my startup
@kostyarypta Good luck!! Let us know if you need help setting up your personal profile or your company profile. Thanks!
Thanks for the hunt @neerajt4!! I am a co-founder and COO of Waccal and we want to welcome you to the new way of gaining traction, fundraising, and managing investor relations (for startups and investors). If you are an entrepreneur you became an entrepreneur to build a product or service that will help change the world as we see it. Unfortunately, a lot of times founders get trapped in a vicious fundraising cycle and get taken away from actually building the product or service - what you want to do. Not anymore! Waccal does it all for you. You can create your pitch, reach out to the right investor the first time (not after your 100th coffee meeting), and manage your current investors while building rapport with potential investors. Investors love Waccal because we have cross-checked and verified data. Yes, we have not only increased investor's deal flow but increased the quality of their deal flow! This makes performing due diligence much easier for them so they can focus on finding the right startups for their next investment and help their current portfolio companies grow. There you go! We have made it easy to gain traction, fund-raise, and manage investor relations!! :)
@waccanil All the best! :)
How do you guarantee investors that they will meet quality startups vs. real-world introductions?
@_sklahr_ Good question! We can't guarantee anything, but we have worked with VC firms, Angel Groups, and founders who have gone IPO to come up with sections of the pitch that investors are looking for and questions that founders should be thinking about early on. There are suggestions and tips for each section to make your pitch stronger. So, we can't guarantee investors will meet quality startups, but we can guarantee that the ones they do meet are serious and have thought through tough questions that make their startup that much stronger. Real-world introductions are great! But they are useless if the startup is not prepared or the investor doesn't fund startups in that industry, location, etc. With Waccal you can start building rapport with the right investors the first time.
No mobile site? Wow ๐Ÿ˜ณ
@angus_halen Hi Angus! We have a mobile site but we opted to not make it accessible at the moment. We are working on user experience for the mobile site and holding user testing to optimize it before we release it. User experience is very important for us. :)
@angus_halen Mobile site is up now!! Thanks for being patient :) https://www.producthunt.com/post...