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Nicolas Nguyen
@nickhung · Founder | Waatcher
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! My name is Nick and I am the founder of Waatcher. Waatcher started about 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve been focusing on monitoring prices, making the system reliable and is now ready to launch. Waatcher solves the problem that buyers have while waiting for an item to go on sale on Amazon. The current process is manual, time consum… See more
Blake Barber
@blake_barber40 · Copywriter
Cool idea! Any updates in the future are planing?
@srajgopal100 · Sriex Technologies
Nice Initiative, But I find no affiliate links to amazon, what your Income source!
Ryan Hildebrandt
@rmhildebrandt · Travelling and building things
Awesome concept! A few questions: -is this only for Amazon.com, or does it also work with .ca, .co.uk etc? -any way to specify a kindle version for a book? Also, I ran a search for "https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01208..." and got a 410 error.
Jorge Mir
@jmiralva · Product Manager
Way cool! Does this work in other Amazon countries?