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Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! My name is Nick and I am the founder of Waatcher. Waatcher started about 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve been focusing on monitoring prices, making the system reliable and is now ready to launch. Waatcher solves the problem that buyers have while waiting for an item to go on sale on Amazon. The current process is manual, time consuming and unreliable. Amazon changes prices millions of times every day. The price may drop at night when you are asleep. It can drop while you are driving or in a meeting. By the time you are available, the price has gone up. You will have to wait for the next drop. Waatcher lets you set a target price on Amazon and will place the order for you when the price drops below your set price. This is called a “Buy Target” which is similar to a “Buy Limit” for stocks. There are also advanced features where you can set an alert price as part of your order, limit to Prime Shipping only and limit to fulfilled by Amazon only. Features: - Price history report with highest price, lowest price and average price. - Deal estimate based on price history and stand deviation. Since every product has a different price range, this tells you when it’s a great deal. - Put a “watch” on an item and we’ll notify you when it’s a great deal. - Target price suggestion. We’ll suggest a price with a high probability that you will get. - Dashboard to track your product with price change feed. - Search and filter by deals, category and brand with infinite scroll. - Product review videos so you know what you getting. We were able to match product videos on Youtube with Amazon ASIN. We are really proud of this feature. ex: https://waatcher.com/amazon/prod... - Inspirations is a pet project that we are experimenting to match inspirational images with products on Amazon using machine learning. This is very draft and would love some help. Would love to get some feedback and suggestions. Thanks Product Hunters!
Cool idea! Any updates in the future are planing?
@blake_barber40 thanks for asking. We are currently focusing on building out our mobile applications (iOS and Android) and then browser extensions. We are also looking into post buy strategies where you an get money back after your purchase if the price goes down. Kinda like Paribus/Earny but different. We are planning to expand to the UK market first and then Canada/Australia. Are there any feature that you would like to see?
Based on my research, we are not allowed to do mobile so we will shift focus to CA. I will have to review the terms and conditions. Each country has it's own guideline.
Nice Initiative, But I find no affiliate links to amazon, what your Income source!
Thanks for asking @srajgopal100. There is an affiliate link on the "Buy on Amazon" button on this page https://waatcher.com/amazon/prod....
@nickhung @srajgopal100 Becarful it's forbiden by Amazon : https://amazon-affiliate.eu/en/p... "Storing historical prices for the purposes of creating a price tracker."
Thanks @_julienh @srajgopal100, I'll keep this in mind as I research more about Europe and it's terms and condition.
Awesome concept! A few questions: -is this only for Amazon.com, or does it also work with .ca, .co.uk etc? -any way to specify a kindle version for a book? Also, I ran a search for "https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01208..." and got a 410 error.
Thanks for asking @rmhildebrandt. Currently, Waatcher supports US only. I am planning to support UK/CA/AU next. Do you have a sample URL on the kindle version that I could look at? Thanks for the feedback on the 410 error. Let me look into this.
@nickhung hey Nick, the same 410 error URL I searched for was also for a book that has a Kindle verison
Hi @rmhildebrandt, currently I am unable to support Kindle version books. Sorry about this.
Way cool! Does this work in other Amazon countries?
Hi @jmiralva, currently Waatcher only support US. I am planning to support UK/CA/AU next.