The simplest navigation app for those who cannot read maps

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Di Chai
Di Chai@everdbcom · EVERDB
Very helpful for walking, but maybe a little bit worried for driving :)
@sofialarss Thank you, Sofia! But don't worry. As an ultimate weapon for people who can even get lost with this app, this app is integrated with Uber. You can call Uber from this app, so you do not have to drive yourself :) We tested this integration with Uber in Japan. Please test this in your country!
Are you the person with no sense of direction? Don’t worry anymore. Waaaaay! is finally here for you. It is a navigation app that makes sure that people even without any sense of direction will not get lost. There is no map you need to read with this app. You just walk in the direction the arrow points until the "remaining distance" becomes 0! I am a friend of @ayakix, the developer of this app who does not have a sense of direction himself. He can answer questions & appreciates any comments!
David He
David He@he_jinsheng · momo
This is the savior for us senseless in directions! Extremely simple to use and very powerful.
R. Ayakix
R. AyakixMaker@ayakix
Hi! guys. I am the developer of this app, Waaaaay! Then one day, I found that a map is full of too much unnecessary information. I'm not interested in the road names and building names on the way to my destination! That is why I removed everything other than just the "information necessary to reach my destination". The final app after leaving the just the "distance" and "direction", is "Waaaaay!". If you sometimes lose your way, please use it! Thanks for introducing my app on Product Hunt. > @noriko_wonders
John Ganotis
John Ganotis@gohnjanotis · Pee & See, Photo Find
Very cool! Reminds me a bit of my app, Photo Find: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...