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I just signed up, entered an organization, but all I get once in is a screen of my account with no other options. Where is the product?
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@bedeabza Same here, think the on-boarding process needs a little polish :)
@bedeabza @j_greig Not just that, there's literally no product. Everything you click just takes you back to the Settings screen. (Unless I'm really not seeing something somewhere?) Seems like something's broken right now?
@bedeabza @j_greig @thetylerhayes I'm sure @HankLeber will jump into the conversation soon to address this. Hang in their West Coast is still waking up.
@bedeabza @j_greig @thetylerhayes Just FYI, the product needs to be customized and tailored for you. It's not quite at the point where it's a self--setup. @HankLeber and Justin @hackapreneur, both super awesome guys, will get you going after you've spoken with them.
@bedeabza @j_greig @thetylerhayes Apologies – this listing is a bit preemptive. We're finishing our onboarding for a Monday release. The service itself works like crazy – didn't know we were gonna get hunted yet (glaring at @dilthemd...)
Creator is @HankLeber and theyve got the numbers to prove it. Still think social media needs a human voice to it but overall I think it's a solid offering.
@HankLeber @dilthemd Thx Dil! Vytmn takes a very human approach to growth. The content is contextual & valuable, and leads/clicks are from genuine interest, so growth is natural – just BIGGER.
@hankleber just wondering when it comes to growth; why does it feel automated when you get followed/unfollowed by a Twitter account? Something needs to be tweaked there cause the true social aspect of the connection is missing. I feel its more than just follower numbers and getting people to follow then unfollowing them so your numbers stay low.
@dilthemd Absolutely agree. The follow/unfollow tactic is not a good one for building real engagement/growth. Vytmn employs other tactics: data mining, machine learning, content curation, etc. in a system that constantly optimizes itself bringing targeted traffic to your destinations. In our system, getting more followers is just a byproduct of success in overall engagement.
Know the team and they are solid dudes and certainly on to something here. I can also attest to the product and when it is polished up for self-serve it should be a great tool!
The team has helped me with some social media work. Very impressed by the product and the various tools they're offering. Highly highly recommend if you get the chance to use it. Extremely talented growth hackers are behind this. Keep killing it guys!
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks! We're thrilled with the results so far for our customers. Onward!
I love the design of the dashboard (left hand nav rail with icons + header nav), and I feel like I'm seeing a similar structure become pretty popular... Is this part of a popular framework that people are using? Or just popular custom design?