Vyoo by Veed

Beautiful, free (do whatever you want) vertical videos

Vyoo is an online catalog of beautiful high-resolution videos aimed specifically to look good on mobile devices.

Currently featuring 24 videos sourced from talented videographers across the internet who were kind enough to let everyone benefit from their hard work free-of-charge.

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Hello Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ My name is Tim and I am super excited to introduce Vyoo (pronounced β€œview”) to you all. As a UI/UX designer and Developer, I have always been quite frustrated by how hard it is to find royalty-free video content that ACTUALLY looks good on mobile devices in a vertical format. So I asked talented filmmakers online to contribute some of their videos and created a catalog of high-resolution beautiful vertical videos, which I intend to update every week. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, as I can’t do it without the help of community!
@timur_mamedov_ Hi PH, My name is Sabba and I have been working on this too. We have build a online video editor called VEED (https://www.veed.io/) and when looking for free vertical videos to use for IG stories, we found there was limited options. So we asked around and put together a little collection. It would be great to get your feedback and learn more about what content you need? THANKS!