Make greeting and invites cool again using augmented reality

Vxcards is the easiest and coolest way to attach videos in augmented reality to you cards, greetings ,ecards, e-invites or Photos.
Just follow the 3 simple steps:
• Select a theme
• Choose your video and text
• Scan your card to preview and create the Vxcard
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Samar Sundoja
Product hunter
It’s been almost a decade that anyone reinvented greetings and invitations. No one enjoys e-cards or evites anymore So I decided to do something innovative about it and created augmented reality cards. Using this you can attach AR videos to the traditional cards, business cards or evites and make them enjoyable. you can also showcase your portfolio by attaching AR video to your business card. Your feedback and criticism matters a lot to indie developers like me. Do give it a try and let me know what you liked or didn't like about this product.