Simple AR Video Cam to make cool video stories

Vxcam is one of the most user friendly AR app on app store. You can create some amazing hologram videos that stick to real word objects and walk into 3D videos.

Add AR texts , emoji, videos in the environment around you. when done, you can take photos and videos while moving around them and narrating a story.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Guys, I launched this app around 8 months back and I spent last 6 months listening to our users feedback and improving the user experience. Today I can say this without hesitation that Vxcam is one of the most innovative and best user experience AR app on app store. It makes the AR experience as seamless as we type a message while chatting. Please check it out and let me know your feedback. Positive or Negative .. all feedback will be much appreciated!!
Here is another video of me trying to recreate 'Daily Prophet' from Harry Potter using Vxcam:
This is crazy cool. I need to get my phone upgraded already. Would love to incorporate this into some of my YouTube/cosplay project builds
@unclejessy4real Thanks Clayton. It would be great if you can use it in your videos, maybe we can use it for cross promotion ?

It looks crazy cool, I think it would be great for events (product launch etc.) and live social games at parties :) Can come up with 100 usage scenarios


Looks uber cool!



I am really glad that you liked the app and thank you for the amazing suggestions on app usage. Do share some of the videos that you create with the app. It would be great to see some videos from actual user :)