Vurb 2.0

Your apps & friends, all together. Now with group chat.

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Hi everyone - I'm excited to share with you our launch of Vurb for Android and version 2.0 for the iPhone, now with group chat. Our mission at Vurb is to give users a better mobile experience - connecting apps to bring people, places, and things together. Mobile tasks like planning a night out often involve jumping through 5-10 apps. With Vurb, we're introducing a fresh perspective that connects you to familiar apps like Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes while making everything more cohesive. Launching Vurb 1.0 on the iPhone allowed us to establish our initial userbase and gather feedback. One recurring theme we heard was how difficult it is to share through existing chat apps - we end up texting names of restaurants or movies, with our friends then having to switch into various apps to gather context. With the introduction of group chat, users can now incorporate Vurb Cards (of places, movies, etc.) directly into conversations, retaining all of the context and actions. Try Vurb with your friends this weekend - would love to hear your feedback!
@blo I love Vurb, for me it surpasses Google search. However, I am curious why Vurb asks users to make an account first; to be honest, having to make an account before trying the app discouraged me from using Vurb the first time I downloaded the app.
I actually started using it about 2 days ago. So far I like it. This would replace so many apps I'm using. Here's a couple of things I would add to make it better: - Add notifications when the TV shows I follow come out with a new episode. - Add notifications when the movies I follow are released on theatres or Blu-ray - Add notifications when the bands I follow are playing near my area - For restaurants/places, add how long it would take me to drive there - Some places don't show, no matter how I try searching for them. Add an option to add them. - The app icon? Great work!
I've been using Vurb for a couple months now and it is by far one of my favorite new apps. It's a smart top-to-bottom redesign of how we search on mobile and save things we want to revisit. The new group chat component feels a little incongruent since your friends have to be on it to really take advantage of it. I'd prefer to see Vurb focus on getting to know my tastes and interests to make discovery easier and keep simplifying the sharing process over existing channels (which it already does really well!) Keep it up team Vurb!
Love the app @blo! Any plans to release it on desktop?