A new way to find, plan, and do โ€“ all in one place

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We're really excited to launch Vurb today and introduce a new way of thinking around mobile experiences. We're just getting started and would welcome your feedback!
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Super cool. Would invest in this if I could.
@tzhongg They just got acquired by Snapchat have a good eye, Tiffany :)
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The Information just announced Snapchat is acquiring Vurb for over $100m. Wow, congrats, @blo, @hermanng, and team.
Snapchat to Buy Vurb for More Than $100 million (via @TheInformation)
@nivo0o0 Is there a collection of hunts that have been acquired?
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@nivo0o0 @theinformation That gif reminds me of the E*Trade '[money] coming out of the wazoo' commercial that defined the dotcom bubble.
@erictwillis That's a great idea! Perhaps a method of identifying products that have been acquired or no longer available. I'm sure there's a few that no longer exist here. @nivo0o0
@erictwillis not to my knowledge, but someone should make one ๐Ÿ’ซ
@stinhambo @erictwillis well, there is Product Haunt, but that's for ones that are not longer online
By bringing together Cards across multiple categories, Vurb helps you get things done โ€“ all from a single place.