Fantasy Football for eSports

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Hey guys, I'm one of the founders behind Vulcun. Happy to answer any questions the community has. Background: eSports is now the #3 most-watched sport in the US (after NFL and NBA). We love games and eSports, and this is by gamers, for gamers. Oh, and now you can win $250k, the largest prize pool of its kind to-date.
@ali_moiz Hey this looks pretty interesting. I was just wondering what countries is this available in? Also can I play for free? Sam
@lolvou US & Canada are allowed. There are free games, yes.
I'm pretty new to fantasy leagues, but am an esports enthusiasts. Are there free games I can try first?
@marylaandd yes there are free games. Can't wait for LCS starting next week!
This looks like a really cool concept! Exciting to see new cool products being built around eSports