Vue Storefront 1.0 is production-ready an all-in-one front-end that enables you to run a new eCommerce front-end without any changes in the backend platform.

It gives you the possibility to create a storefront for both web and mobile with a native-like mobile experience.

It is hard to make a tl;dr for VS, so feel free to ask any questions :)

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Tomasz Karwatka
CoFounder: Divante, Vue Storefront
Hello Hunters! We are thrilled to introduce you to Vue Storefront 1.0. Long story short. It is open-source front-end for eCommerce, built as a Progressive Web App that can replace the need for native mobile app development, while still giving a native-like mobile experience, with a downloadable app, working offline, sending notifications and more. It’s also made using Headless architecture, which means you can design a new eCommerce front regardless of the connected backend platform, and without the need for any changes to it. It is built on Vue.js which is very easy to learn, with great documentation, many tutorials, and articles. An additional advantage is an extremely short time to market; a Proof of Concept in just 160 Work hours which means that 1 developer could make it in just 4 weeks. Now just imagine that there are more devs. There is a lot more to talk about so feel free to ask any questions! If you find it useful or interesting, then don’t forget to support us!
Nico Bistolfi
Founder at @piiojs
@tomik99 this looks like a really great concept! kudos for the team
Kuba ZwolinskiCEO of SNOW.DOG

Collaboration of competing companies gives effect - solid open source solution that can simplify PWA approach in Magento. Vuestorefront will not solve all merchants problems but is definitely a great step forward in commerce PWA.


Bringing easy to implement PWA to Magento


Not all M functionalities covered, still need some work


We have a big trouble with Magento 2 frontend, they are so slow and painful to customize. Since we move to VS, our life is easier, we can easily find a frontend engineer to customize Vue template, faster, the performance is extremely enhanced, increase customer satisfaction. I don't need to say more because this product is a charm for Magento 2 project.


Super fast, robust, scalable and amazing


still missing features, but Vuestorefront team is updating, you're rock

Is it possible to create an "add to homescreen"-popup on iOS? :)
How cool is that :)
This is really useful for anyone who is looking for expansion of his ecommerce business!
Wiktor Sobolak
Growth Marketer
@pdziedzicz Thank you for a kind word :)
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