Vue Native

A framework to build Native Mobile apps using JavaScript.

#3 Product of the WeekJune 13, 2018

An easy way to build truly native iOS and Android apps using your Vue.js code.

Brings the power of React Native to Vue.js developers.

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Why would one use Vue instead of React Native?
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@alexandrapersea React is pain and suffering
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@tttiiibbbooo @frantzlight Honestly, I'd love to argue on Vue vs React but it wouldn't be the most productive use of our time. At the end of the day, you can choose whatever framework and IDE suits you best. Maybe React is suffering because *cough* *cough* you don't know javascript
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@frantzlight @alexandrapersea Ahahaha I do know Javascript however, but I guess I'll have to admit I don't like to *cough* *cough* overcomplicate simple state management and component communication. Suits me best!
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VueJS -> React Native -> iOS/Android! One more reason to move from VueJS to ReactJS!
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Hey @sanketsahu, Can you tell us a bit more about what you've built here?
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@jacqvon Vue Native is a framework to build truly native Mobile apps. It is shipped with a compiler which converts .vue components files to React Native components. It also glues the other pieces of Vue like Data Store, Injection etc to the React Native components. The original project was started by SmallComfort We (GeekyAnts) have forked and added a CLI, improved the bundler, added directives like v-model and more. It is not officially related to Vue and Evan You (the creator of Vue) finds it interesting Also, the support from the React Native community has been equally great!
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@sanketsahu that's very impressive ! It's time Vue users rejoice !
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@jacqvon @sanketsahu i am totally confused as to how i can import/use native to access the accelerometers, camera, other app links etc with this? from the docs i can only gather that its only one way vue->native and not vue->abilities<->native
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What a great news for Vue enthusiasts :-) Thanks a lot!
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I didn't know how much I wanted this in my life. Genius
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