A dead-simple Jazzicon component for Vue

Say goodbye to boring blocky identicons that look like they came out of the 70s, and replace them with jazzy, colorful collages that more likely came out of the 80's. If you are a Vue lover, this is for you.
npm install vue-jazzicon // yarn add vue-jazzicon
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Hello makers, We have been working on a cryptocurrency wallet in Vue. During the development, we wanted to add jazz icons to various crypto addresses easing out their visual identifications. Popular project using jazzicons is MetaMask. We realized Dan Finlay's jazzicon is difficult to use and cannot be used as a reusable component. Vue allows you to create reusable components making the development of web applications easier and faster. This is the Vue version of the original Dan Finlay's jazzicon project which you can use into your Vue project. Installing with npm is recommended and it works seamlessly with webpack. `npm install vue-jazzicon` I welcome all the Vue developers to open issues/PRs or provide your valuable suggestions and grow Vue ecosystem together. You can play with the web version of the project at