Vue Bootstrap Material Design Kit

Free UI Kit built with VueJS, Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

Based on the latest Bootstrap 4 and Vue 2.5.7. Absolutely no jQuery!

400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, SASS files and much more. Free for personal and commercial use.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH 👋 Filip from MDB team here, great to be acknowledged again! Thanks Kevin! For a long time we were involved mainly in providing tools for jQuery and Angular users. After our last success with MDB React version (thanks ProductHunt!) we decided to open up to the latest and youngest trends in UI technologies. The nature of this world is revolution after revolution after revolution. So here’s ours - MDB Vue 4.0.0. Web design software up-to-date with the latest standards of Bootstrap and all the best it has to offer. 400+ handcrafted, action-ready components that will cut the time of your development process. 70+ attention grabbing animations to focus your visitors attention on specific elements, 600+ icons and lots of free tutorials prepared to introduce you to MDB Vue essence. High quality, quicker, easier and cleaner than ever. And beside that it’s absolutely Free for personal and commercial use. We value opinion of PH users so we invite you to check it out for free and leave some feedback in comments. If after testing you’re still excited about MDB Vue and you want more - great! We’re currently focused on developing it by creating more components and features that will be available in the extended Pro version. So if you want to keep track on updates and get notified when MDB Vue Pro is done we invite you to join the waiting list on our website. And now, feel free to check it and let us know what you think! Cheers!
Great kit! What was the motivation for putting this together? @dawidadach @mtkrawczyk
Thanks! The answer is simple - needs of our users. We run, which connect a few most popular front-end technologies. So far we've integrated Bootstrap, Material Design, jQuery, Angular and React. They all turned out to be a great success, so now it's time for Vue.js. Our frameworks are used by over 400 000 users and big companies like Nike, Amazone or Samsung. I hope you will find it useful as well :)
Hi guys, you can also check our Bootstrap integrations with: 1. Angular - 2. React - 3. jQuery -
Great job !! Do you guys cater to Wordpress too I would like an plugin for that to use on Wordpress ?
@ayush_chandra we do! You have to options: 1. You can use our predefined themes: 2. You can follow our tutorial about creating your own theme with our Material Design UI KIT: Best!
nice work looking forward to trying this out!
@mgaffneyny I hope you'll find it useful! If you have any questions you're always welcome on our support forum: Cheers!