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I'm hugely skeptical of these... Premium product, amazing features, relatively low cost, and far off release date almost always spell trouble. These things don't even ship until late next year, and that's without a single delay (and delays ALWAYS happen). I can't believe they've already raised so much, I would think people would be a little more leery by now!
Giacomo Lawrance — Author of The Nerdy Student
@alteredorange Got to agree with you on that... if they can deliver what they say, wow!
Jason Dainter — Inpternational doer of things
@alteredorange agree, sounds too good to be true. lots of bold claims here, if they deliver though.. fair game.
Ernst — Co-founder @eVect
Really interested in how the quality of the audio is going to be. On the Kickstarter page there's also a video where the prototype is shown, and it seems that when Aaron puts the glasses back on is own head the sound is still picked-up by the camera. Which means that when I'm playing music on my Vue, people around me will also enjoy my great music taste (which could become a problem in co-working spaces etc.).
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