Create cinematic scenes on your iPhone

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VUE Video is a video camera empowering users to capture memorable moments, edit them through adding filters, stickers or montage, and most importantly, share them with the world.
@hwdeee Thanks Charles for recommending. I am so glad that you like it and hope you create more interesting videos with VUE.
@anja_duyujing I just have a question, when could I compose videos longer than 6 senconds?
@hwdeee Long video is different. They tell complicated stories while VUE is the tool offers people simple way to create a short but gorgeous one. Watch what many people have filmed with VUE on Instagram, simple but creative. So the answer of your question is actually "Not now, maybe later, maybe never, maybe a new product."
Easy to use. Make videos as easy as to take photos.
A really easy way to make a video Montage. πŸ˜„ hot videos made by VUE on Instagram
So far so good. Great app!
@bdotwaller thanks, hope u will enjoy using VUE to make great videos 😊