Send secret messages safely.

Vuash is a web app that lets you send encrypted messages that can only be opened once. It's free and open source.

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How does it differentiate itself from, say , Telegram messenger?
@arunpattnaik It's not a messenger. In messenger apps, there's a chat history, and messages must be manually deleted if you don't want them available for look up. I like to think of Vuash as more of real world telegram, or self-destructing letters from action movies.
Hello, I'm the creator and designer. I'll be happy to answer questions you might have about Vuash. The project started as a little tool for me and my colleagues to exchange wifi passwords, environment secret keys etc. during our daily job routine. There were a couple other similar services available at the time (that we knew of), but we didn't like their UI, UX and overall tech, so we decided to make our own. The first version needed SSL to encrypt requests because the encryption was all done in the server, but since version 2.0 we don't need it anymore, as the only thing that touches the server is the already client-encrypted message. You can read more on how it works here: Vuash is free to use, supported by donations, and open source.
You did a really nice job, I could see it being use in different cases where messenger or telegram are not acceptable.
@qahersalah I use it very frequently, hence why we ended up making it. We made Vuash in a time when most services we used for web development didn't offer multiuser accounts, so we had to exchange login credentials quite often. Thankfully that has not been the case anymore, so I use it mostly for other less sensible things now.
Feature request: a "copy url" button for the message. Capturing that on mobile is a pain
@alex_delegard I feel your pain. I tried several ways of easing this process, but this plain text box was the best I could come up with in the end to serve both desktop and mobile. Copy buttons are usually made in Flash or, more recently, with JavaScript that isn't yet widely supported. One thing I could try that would work on most devices is having the URL be an actual link, so you can long press on mobile and copy or open in a new tab and copy from that. I'm open to suggestions.
@rmasoni @alex_delegard If browser support is the issue why not just provide both a text box and copy button?
@samayres1992 This adds clutter and broken functionality if we don't go out of our way to make it show only in supported browsers. I think we might go with the “long press” route in the end, as I've seen some big names using it.
Cool idea. I used to have a similar concept on with the addition of a countdown option. So users would get a link that would say "You can read this in X days, X hours, X minutes, X seconds" and whatnot.
@avizuber Oh, cool! I've seen that feature in other apps. Have yours been down for long? Maybe it was the one where I saw it as the name is very familiar. As we developed client-side encryption in version 2, which we think downed attack opportunities to a minimum, we decided against adding more features to keep it very very simple.
@rmasoni Sounds awesome. I think mine has been down for over a year at this point. There are some traces of it here: