Dead simple Instagram client for Mac

I made this little status bar app to have basic Instagram experience on my Mac. I know there was a couple of very similar apps presented before but I made it more robust and polished. vu supports multiple accounts and can upload photos directly from built-in camera.

Yes, now you can take selfie on your Mac and post it to Instagram instantly. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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Finally something free!
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Hey Boris, this looks great. can be very useful. Only thing is that i can't work out how to add another account? When I go to settings it doesn't seem to be displaying the option to add another account? Thanks Boris!
@amedeodamore just log out and log in to another account, it will be added to the menu automatically, same as the previous one
@karulin Thanks - that works!
@karulin @amedeodamore came here to ask the same question, thanks! Will the functionality to change views on your own profile and on home search work (from grid to list) be added?
@amedeodamore as long as it's just a mobile website I can't modify its behavior unless Instagram add new features

I've been using Poster all these days to see Instagram posts and post on Instagram. I guess Vu is the same as Poster. I wish Instagram opens development for third-party developers and makes it possible to build more robust apps.


Can view and post to Instagram right from Mac's menu bar. Basically a mobile website ported as a Mac app.


No interesting features like messages or stories, but Vu is not to be blamed. Instagram does not open up API to others. Poster is similar.

Looks great! I just fear that Instagram will find some way to block your API soon and disable remote posting. But great client. 10/10. I'd love to see landscape interface setting. It looks okay as it is, but it's just a mobile app ported to desktop. A version optimized for Mac itself would be great.
@brandon_mcconnell there are other full featured Mac-optimised clients. vu is just a mobile web site as you point out. why landscape?
Is there current support for uploads?
@igorillatech only single photo uploads
@igorillatech Second this question, are you able to upload images?
@karulin great! If I'm uploading high res images to Instagram, are you implementing Instagram's compress algo or a formula of your own?
@igorillatech when you upload an image it's processed on Instagram servers, same as on mobile web site. vu does not modify files being uploaded