A new high-end print on demand marketplace for artists.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2020
A new high-end print on demand marketplace selling museum grade framed and unframed art prints. Artists can focus on using our clean and powerful interface to create a beautiful online shop, while we take care of printing, packaging and shipping.
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Hey PH! I built VSUAL because I was frustrated with the existing Print On Demand marketplaces out there, which tend to suffer from cluttered design, ship low quality products and try to up-sell customers with iPhone cases, shower curtains and fanny packs. Unlike the other services, VSUAL is focused on selling beautiful, museum grade framed and unframed art prints, with a clean UI that makes it easy to shop and sell. We provide artists with the tools to easily upload their artwork and open a beautiful shop. Artists set their own markup, which is a percentage of the base price of each product they receive when they make a sale. When a sale is made, the artist gets paid and we take it from there, handling printing, packaging and shipping. As of today, we have 30+ incredible artists selling their amazing artwork on the platform. Building VSUAL has been a huge labor of love, 100% designed & built by myself. I'm super excited to continue improving this platform to hopefully make it the premier artist-centric print on demand marketplace on the web! I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you're an artist, you can apply to open a shop at https://vsual.co/sell! Thanks :) Charlie
@charlie_clark Hey Charlie! Sounds super exciting. I was wondering : did you explore the possibility to offer Artists the possibility to divide their revenues between themselves and someone else ( collaborators ) or even to be able to allocate a percentage given back to a cause of their choice? We're currently looking into doing something like this at Dogstudio and it popped in my mind.
@upskydown Hey Henry! Good question, I hadn't thought about the collaborators angle but had a few ideas about donating to causes. One thing I was thinking about was having "collections" for specific causes (for example the wildfires in Australia), which artists could add art pieces to. When a print is purchased from these collections a percentage would go to that cause. There's definitely lots of interesting things that could be done! Would love to chat about it more at some point.
@charlie_clark Sure, and I know it's certainly not MVP material, but that might be worth looking into. I mean, a few services over the years offered the possibility to artists to actually sell their work, but I'm not sure much has been given yet to give them a possibility to give back and potentially help other kids afford pricey education, etc...
Whats your differentiator compared to other marketplaces? For example inktale.com?
@ziggycrane Thanks for your question! Our main differentiator to products like Inktale is that we exclusively sell museum grade art prints. Inktale, like most of the other platforms out there, sell clothing, and other random apparel. The result is that the quality of their stuff tends to be not so great. Also, many artist don't want to sell their artwork on T-shirts and mugs, because they find it cheapens their work. At VSUAL we print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag and Canson Baryta paper stocks, which are both beautiful archival paper stocks. We custom cut our prints and frames to perfectly match our artists' artwork, so our artist can be confident that their artwork is getting the love it deserves.
@charlie_clark Thats actually a good answer! Quality over quantity every day of the week! Keep hammering!
@ziggycrane Exactly! 🙌
This looks fantastic. Great to have such an importance from a quality perspective. I am a film photographer, I'm wondering if photography will be considered amongst what seems to currently be digital design and artwork.
@simongabriel Hey Simon! Thanks :) Quality is definitely something we’re taking very seriously. I just checked out you work and approved your application - awesome stuff! Definitely interested in having photography on the platform! Let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback as you build out your shop 🙌🏻
Wow! This is awesome. I've been waiting for a product like this! How do copyrights work?
@laura_martinezo Hi Laura! So glad you're digging the product :) You can read more about the fine print here: https://www.vsual.co/terms-of-se..., but essentially, we make no claims on your artwork, your work remains yours and you are free to sell it elsewhere etc... When you upload a piece, you simply are granting us a license to display and sell on your behalf.
Do you print in-house or do you outsource it?
@alanscarpa Hi Alan! Good question. We've partnered with some really top-notch printing and framing shops whose products we've rigorously tested. We're frequently doing quality control to ensure that everything is 👌👌👌 Down the road it would be amazing to bring things in house, but that would become a much bigger operation.