VSCode Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet to help you remember keybinds for VSCode

VS Code Cheatsheet is a Google Chrome extension especially designed for MacOS. Every time you open a new tab or reload the home page three shortcuts from three different categories are displayed.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I always forget shortcuts. But why not make a website? Why an extension?
@gauthamzzz I choose to make an extension because every time we open a new tab it shows the shortcuts and helps our subconscious remember it on the long run. It is a way to subtly remember the things we need to; without burdening our minds with the idea of learning. It works for me!
Great tool, thanks for making it
@onmyway133 Thank you. Your words mean a lot.
Initially I designed this product for my personal use. It would be really nice to get some inputs to make it better for future versions
@vivek_baruah This is very cool. However, I would like to see it replace the welcome screen in VS Code though instead of taking over my browsers new tab.
@adrian_carolli That is a fantastic idea. Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
Nice Vivek Bhai, Keep it up
@sudarshan_shinde Thank you for the encouragement
Well done bro! Nicely designed...
@anupamroy8 Thank you for your compliment