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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
Very interesting — looks to be moving into Medium's Publications direction, but with a different and specific aesthetic voice, more akin to Kinfolk or other high end magazines: Created across a range of mediums and art forms, and in collaboration with seasoned writers, editors, photographers, and members of our community, these titles explore diverse perspectives and themes of humanness. The list so far: Venue — documenting and exposing vital new music through video and imagery. Photographs by Rog Walker Cyclopedia — discovering and learning science, history, and culture through visually experimental presentations. Illustrations by Josh Cochran All Kinds of Human — celebrating the complexity and diversity of humanity, showcasing the moments that unite us. Photographs by Jared Soares Manifattura — featuring artists and makers in various fields from all over the world through collaborative projects. Type by Göran Söderström, illustrations by Oscar Grønner Coming soon: 23.5 — supporting and exploring global cultural perspectives. Max — celebrating the journey of self-discovery and growth for young women striving to express themselves. CBN — broadcasting the maniacal personas that exist in the recess of an everyday world. Viewer discretion is advised. Academy — informing and helping people of all levels, through tutorials and interviews, to learn, be inspired, and engage in the art of photography
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Sam Doshi
Co Founder @ Relayo.com
Interesting content -- -which is rare this day and age