Home Room rental for freelancers in London

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Yesterday I hunted Hoffice, http://www.producthunt.com/posts... . Vrumi is it’s less community and more convenient brother in London. With the soaring rent prices in London it could be handy to share your apartment for ‘Macbookers’ so you can earn some extra money. No ‘community feel’ is mentioned (like with Hoffice and Copass www.producthunt.com/posts/copass ) and it’s just ‘find a place to work’, but Vrumi seems complete and covers a lot of London’s metro area. Interesting idea! What’s the meaning of the name though? Made by @Roddy_Campbell and William Sieghart (couldn’t find a twitter account)
Delighted to see Vrumi makes the hallowed halls of producthunt! I'm one of the team behind and Vrumi and we're really keen to ensure that everyone does well out of Vrumi. It really should be a win / win scenario, particularly when space is so tight and costs are so high for all of us. And a room let out 1 day / week at just £50 equates to around £2500 income for the host but is significantly cheaper than many office or work spaces available. Our prices currently start from as little as £18 / day though and everything's negotiable between guest and host - so dive in and see what you can find! www.vrumi.com