AR video chat with games, make your own show

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Vrumble is an AR video chat with games live streaming extravaganza. Its like a little carnival inside your phone. Youll have to try it out. Pitch us a show - do something crazy - express yourself!!

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Benji Brown
Benji BrownMaker@theprojectabot1
HEY PRODUCT HUNT FOLKS! Thanks for checking out Vrumble - we have been working on this lil' app for a bit now and now its been launched! Vrumble lets you AR Group vid chat and play games - we have a bunch more coming too! Coupled with all this you can live stream your group video chat to thousands of peeps on the Vrumble platform. If you are a dev and want to get Vrumble SDK into your game or app (IMAGINE multi party vid chat and live streaming in your game!!) - give us a shout at support@tesuji.io. Thanks so much for checking it out and enjoy Vrumblin' !!
Del Williams
Del Williams@delwilliams · Founder, Thinking Anew Media
@theprojectabot1 who is the target audience? Will creators be able to monetize? How many users so far?
Benji Brown
Benji BrownMaker@theprojectabot1
@delwilliams thanks for the questions. Audience: 18-30 Creator Monetization: A streamer can currently embed web links to their content that they want to sell, viewers can then be prompted to swipe up to open the website. User Count: We just launched so our user base is growing!