Dynamic stock drone footage

VReel was created to offer content creators access to high-quality, curated drone footage from around the world. At the same time, providing an active platform for drone pilots to contribute their footage to and earn money.
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Hi Product Hunt! We just released our first full version of VReel (replacing our MVP). The VReel platform gives content creators access to dynamic drone footage from all over the world. Our contributors add hundreds of new videos each month ensuring that there is a fresh selection of drone footage for creators to choose from. VReel subscriptions make sure that you get the best possible deal on professional drone footage that you can find online. With simple no strings attached licensing, you can use the videos in any kind of video project, including for commercial use! Sign up for 5 free clips, and cancel at any time - no minimum contract periods. We want everyone to have access to drone shots, allowing them to take their video production to the next level, without breaking the bank!
Looks really cool! 👍🏻
@890622joachim Thanks! Appreciate the comment.
Woohoo awesome to see Vreel on PH! The footage you have is absolutely amazing. What are the differences between this new version and your MVP? What's on your roadmap?
@joetannorella Thanks Joe! For this new version we made quite a few substantial changes, including: updating architecture to implement SSR, updated our Stripe integration for a better checkout flow and ability to add discounts, implemented a bunch of auto-triggered transactional emails with Sendgrid API for better user experience/onboarding, we split our user and contributor sign up flows with separate forms to reduce confusion (we had a lot of people signing up for the wrong type of account), new page designs for our landing pages, updated header and footer designs to make navigation through the site more intuitive, and a few other things to make the contributor user experience better. Moving forward we have a number of features we want to build out, but our priority is a multi-uploader so that contributors can bulk upload files simultaneously. This should help reduce friction for contributors that have large archives of drone footage and don't want to sit and manually upload 100's of clips.
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