Bring your desktop into your VR reality. Boost your level of creativity and productivity with this Mac optimized Virtual Reality headset. First of a kind working with MacOS for you entertaining and work!

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Hey, thanks for the hunt @fredericrenken! I'm the developer of this app. Let me know if you have any questions!
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@oskargroth I hope you don't mind I posted this, it looks awesome! I saw on the website you'll be supporting the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift soon. Is that simply dependent on the manufacturers to support macOS? Also, at what framerate does the headset run with a MacBook Pro doing average desktop work? Thanks and good luck!
@oskargroth This looks awesome! I can touch type so I think I'd be productive even without seeing my input devices. I'm worried about eye fatigue though, have you experienced any issues of the kind?
@oskargroth @fredericrenken I've been wanting this since Oculus came out - Saw it the other day on - But the site is low on system requirements (other then a Mac). Will it work with an Intel Iris video card (2015 / 16 Macbook Pro 13 inch) or do you need the Discrete chipset?
@oskargroth @fredericrenken This looks really cool. Is it mainly targeted at entertainment? How about productivity apps (day to day apps) - does it work well for those too?
@edholloway @fredericrenken It's mainly targeted at productivity! The functionality to add virtual screens is really useful for multitasking. When VR headsets gets closer to retina resolutions, there will be no need to buy expensive triple monitor setups for coding/designing/writing/surfing/daytrading etc.
I was about to hunt this until the URL let me know it was a duplicate. Guys, this is HUGE news. #vrdesktop Thank you for hunting this @fredericrenken and thank you for making this, @oskargroth!
@nassaraf @fredericrenken @oskargroth I would not lead with this to sell the concept of VR desktop. I'm getting nauseous just looking at the gif.
@kur1 #VRdesktop gifs don't have much selection, and was probably created with older technology that might make you nauseous. I would still hope that you could see the genius behind what was built here. @oskargroth @fredericrenken
Omg I need this!! But I need a VR headset first..
I've had a chance to try this out as Oskar was finishing up development - it's really fun to use and definitely feels like the future!
Next step is VR team viewer for GearVR
@antilatency yes!! But I would venture for a different device like the hololens or Vive
@nassaraf Hololense may be, but small FOV stopping me. Vive setup need PC, need TPCast and hard to install and calibrate tracking system