VR Book Reader

Read your books in VR Environments

VR Book Reader (alpha) is a web based application for reading digital books in beautiful and immersive VR Environments. This app will allow you to upload your books, assign a VR Environment and enjoy reading.

Alpha release: Functionalities are limited. All your books will be deleted after 30min of inactivity to conserve space.

Djordje Petrovic
John Keats
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    Nothing to add, seriously, read your book in VR!

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@graciousgarg Agreed that would be better. I've never wanted to read in a VR environment... what are the advantages?
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@abadesi No idea, I am in the same boat as you :D
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@graciousgarg Hi Garg, did you mean for it to have a preview/demo accessible from the landing page, so that anyone not sure what the app is could have a quick sneak peek? If so, that is actually a great idea, and i will add it as a future improvement.
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@graciousgarg @abadesi About the advantages or rather motivation to read in a VR environment. The idea is to have a set of VR environments you can attach to your books, with the goal of making the reading experience more immersive. Imagine reading a Batman comic on a roof of a Gotham building, while Batman is doing his crime fighting in the background. Or reading Sherlock Holmes, sitting in a chair in his apartment. Currently the app is still not it that stage and is more of a tech demo, hence the alpha release. If you have any more questions or you would like me to elaborate on the motivation for creating this, please feel free to ask!
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@petrovicstefan Yes, that's exactly what I meant. It is like knowing what we'd get before we give up our email :)