Incredible connected-car technology, including start/stop!

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Hi @shahab_21, the Automatic product, and 99% of our competitors, are relying on EPA-legislated OBD-II information, which is less than 1/100th of the information available on a modern vehicle. We are able to go model-by-model and offer very advanced data (available to developers through our soon-to-be-launched API), in addition to changing vehicle functionality (lock/unlock of doors, trunk, immobilization of vehicle, engine start/stop, idle reduction, etc). This is really a totally different type of animal, and represents a large leap forward in the connected car ecosystem. The bar has been raised! Thanks for your question.
Hi Robert, how is your product different than Automatic's? https://www.automatic.com/cars/
Hello, I'm Robert, the CTO of Voyomotive, to provide some background on VOYO: We originally set out to develop aftermarket technologies that could save fuel and reduce automotive pollution. The original devices were very rudimentary, but we didn't let that stop us! Once we developed the electronic version of VOYO, we started to focus on acquiring advanced data from cars. There was still a ways to go to have the complete plug and play solution we envisioned. The next step was to develop the Relays that work with VOYO to enable features such as Immobilizer, Stop @ Park, and EcoStart. In 2014 we started working on version 4 of the VOYO and Relays. We were getting very close, in terms of performance, but the design was still lacking. In order to make the overall VOYO experience more than just a driving one, we partnered with frog - a global, world renowned design and strategy firm. The frogVentures™ team was so impressed after taking a drive in a VOYO equipped car, they decided to invest in the company. Even more importantly, frog assembled an outstanding team of designers, technologists and branding specialists to create the outer casings and packaging that are key elements of what makes VOYO unique. We have developed fully functional prototypes of VOYO that have been tested on over a hundred vehicle models. We have lined up our parts suppliers, and are now creating the molds for the new frog-designed devices. Once everything is in hand, our manufacturing partner is ready to hit "go" and get VOYO and the Relays rolling off the production line. At the same time, our development team is porting our phone App to our new User Interface and bringing up our Cloud based services. We plan to release an Android version of our App in early Q2 2016; the App version available in February/March 2016 will be for iOS 8.3 or higher. Voyomotive’s headquarters are in San Francisco with the main research and development facility in Michigan (which is where I am writing you from). Thanks everyone!
I love this type of IoT tech. I have tried many connected car devices (Mojio, Zubie, Fixd,CarLock ) I think these are amazing devices to bring info of your car into the IoT while providing information on the health of your car, it's whereabouts​, and its usage.
I had the same question as @shahab_21 . At first the differentiators weren't very obvious but looking at the response here seems like there is potential for a lot more. I think a lot of folks will have the same question, would be nice if there was some way for you to provide this clearly somewhere on Kickstarter or elsewhere? I was actually considering this vs Automatic (for buying) but the pricing model (subscription model) and relays to buy put me in double minds. Goodluck on the kickstarter nonetheless!