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Hi guys! Founder of Voycee here. I was hoping to get some feedback on our ephemeral social network called Voycee. Obviously knowing how important social media is in today’s age to be able to reach out instantly to our followers and around the world, we’ve built Voycee but wanted to make it a history-free/ephemeral social network. What Voycee allows you to do is share updates with all of your Voycee followers via text, photo, video or audio and you would select how long each post would live (1-7 days). Your followers would be able to see your posts, comment, like and repost, however once the time is up, it is completely gone from our system with all the likes and comments. I’ve selected the minimum to 1 day as for now I believe anything less is not enough time for your followers to see and 7 days to be the max. The main benefit is that your information is not being stored and you don’t become a social profile history book with all of your past posts and allows you to keep your information relevant to date and protects your privacy. Your followers would actually have to follow you to see your updates instead of coming back weeks later, otherwise they would miss out on your posts. Obviously there are many other benefits as well, but those being the main ones. The negative side of it is since it doesn’t store your posts past the 7 days, it doesn’t become a place where you would store all of your nice photos and videos to share weeks and months later. I’d suggest to download the iOS version since we just launched the web version and with the iOS version you can send private direct messages w/photo or video and they can only be seen once. Once they are read, not even the receiver can see them again, which we are sticking to our core ephemeral functionality. Looking forward hearing from you all! And feel free to ask me anything!
@ilfz Like the App Store screenshots! Do you see people sharing pictures above anything else? Not sure I see the value of sharing ephemeral text to followers the way I do pics/videos.
@dshaffer731 Thanks Daniel! Pictures have been dominating the sharing at around a 70% rate from our iOS App. Since the launch of the website a few days ago, text went up slightly in the limited time it has been up but you're certainly correct so far. However, text can come in handy if you're discussing a game that's currently on TV or a show for example. Something as "What a brilliant goal by Messi, anyone seen it?" would start a discussion with some followers that are following that game and you'd set it to a 1 day share since it really will not be relevant tomorrow.
@ilfz got it - makes sense. I'm sure more emphasis is on pictures anyway if it's > 70% of uploads.