Your perfect trip, in just a few taps

Hi everyone, excited to be on Product Hunt for the first time 😊 Voyagic is different to other travel apps in one key way - speed. Just choose a city, select a few personalisation options and in a few seconds you’ll get a beautiful timeline of the best attractions, restaurants and nightlife that you can visit in a single day. Save as many trips as you want for offline and share what you discover with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I hope you enjoy playing around with the app & can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
This is a powerful idea. Congrats! A few feedback: the map could be the primary way of presenting the itinerary with call out. Right now hiding at the bottom and we have no idea what's the first location to visit.
@randomor thanks Shaomeng! That's definitely a great idea, since at the moment Voyagic has a linear timeline which could be improved with a more visual way of displaying your trip (so you can switch between timeline view and map/callout). Look out for this in the next update :)
This is a really cool travel app. I've been a beta user. I've built some really cool trips around some of the cities I've visited recently.
@ejameswill sure, but would need to find an Android dev first since I only do iOS 🙃
Great design, but not working on iPhone 6 plus. I tried multiple times to choose a city, district and type of activity for NY - but unfortunately no search results. I think this app can be successful only if it has a huge amount of high-quality content, that I can trust. All other things are just not so important.
@myakov Hi Pavel, sorry to hear that Voyagic didn't work for you. We've had a similar thing happen to one or two people so far where it returns an error every single time you generate a trip. My only advice for now is to try using a different/better internet connection. I completely agree with your content point - most people do prefer discovering quite niche and curated places which get recommended by others. In that sense Voyagic combines various algorithms and some human input to find the most interesting and high-quality attractions and restaurants.
@therodka @myakov Where is the data coming from?
@drewmeyers Fetched from Foursquare, curated by my cofounder and I