Discover and meet people nearby

Hi. I am the co-founder of VoyageUp. It is a discovery platform to find people and relevant content around you. It shows you 2 circles of users: 1> Users connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you are 2> Users in a 1 mile radius around you. People can network, catch up for common interests or help each other out. The app does not save contacts, friend lists etc - Everything is in the moment. Anytime you are in a public place and want to connect with others around you it shows you these 2 circles. You can directly chat with these people without sending or accepting invites / requests. We want to make it easier for someone to walk up to people around them and build a real connection. Once you exit the Wi-Fi or move out of the 1 mile radius the people in the 2 circles are refreshed. Available for both iOS and Android
I like the idea - how does it differ from Happn or Weave? How do I know I want to connect with a person I'm matched with?
@writerpollock . Happn is pure play dating. Weave matches you with people for professional networking. VoyageUp has a slightly different vision. We don't do one to one matching. We show you 2 lists of people as mentioned above. Of course we are working on improving the algorithm to show "better" matches for you on the top of the lists. On their profile you can see if they are open for networking, grabbing a drink / coffee at that moment. So if you want to meet someone you can find out if that person is also willing to catch up - this makes it easier ( unless you are already an extrovert) to reach out and meet that person. The original idea came from when I got stuck on a long layover at a airport without my Macbook Air charger and finally ran out of battery. It was difficult to figure out who has a charger and awkward to ask them for it. So VoyageUp lets you ask for help or help someone out even if you are not looking at networking. We believe most people would want to help another out if it was easy for them to spot each other. But what we are betting on is eventually changing current user behavior - so next time you are alone in a public place VoyageUp may motivate you to meet someone as opposed to just connecting with your existing friends "virtually". You could have a very stimulating conversation with someone and even if you never meet again ( and don't trade contact details since Voyageup doesn't save any) - that experience can be a very uplifting / enriching one. Conference / dating are use cases that are covered but are not the primary focus.
Interesting concept. How do you plan to handle user exit & entry scenarios? Basically, avaliability at the location. PS: Still downloading the app, you know how the Bhive internet is ☹️
@ravivyas84 At the backend we keep scanning the users who are connected to the same Wi-Fi and the circle increases or decreases as people leave / join. For the location based circle we do the refresh too but if you are on a slow connection (like many people in India) then there may be a delay