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#1 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2018

VoxFeed is a tool that makes collaboration between brands and influencers easier.

It is also a marketplace that helps brands to discover and connect with thousands of influencers.

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VoxFeed looks great, always glad to see more products for influencer marketing. @alvarocm @david_villarreal1 We would like to offer you to feature VoxFeed in an interview at https://startupradius.com/ please PM me at paul@startupradius.com if interested
Thanks @paul_shuteyev ! We'll get in touch tomorrow :D
@manuelmhtr Great, will be waiting for your email 😉
Hey Manuel Love your work! Just wondering how influencers are selected? Do they need to meet any criteria etc when they register? Do you check them out first? Also any plans to extend this to LinkedIn anytime soon? C 😃
Hi @carly_ha_yes Thank you. There are 2 ways of selecting influencers: 1. We have a search engine where you can find influencers by location, interests, price and more. 2. You can create a public campaign, where you define a segmentation for the influencers you want. Then those who match that segmentation can send you a request so you can review their profile with more detail and let them participate. On both ways you can always see the full profile of each influencer with stats, publications and demographic insights of their audience.
@carly_ha_yes we have no short term plans to include LinkedIn; but as we see more interest from the brands we can do it.
Instant payments for influencers coming ;)
Great stuff Guys, congrats!
Question: 1. Do these influencers sign some sort of contract with the brand? Could they run campaigns for two competing brands? I am not an influencer, thus I cannot try the service, but from the guidelines, it seems so. 2. It seems like influencers can pick the campaigns of their choice. Do the brands have a say in which influencers they want to have?
Hi @siddharth_mungekar1 1. Usually they don't sign a contract but only our terms and conditions. Only when the brand requests the influencer to use their content outside the social network (a banner, print...) they are required to sign a license (if they both agree). 2. Yes. When the influencer picks a campaign actually is not participating immediately, they send a request. The brand can look at all requests, review the profile for each influencer and accept the ones they like. Also, we have an influencers search engine where the brands can find individual influencers and send them a personal invite to their campaign.