Collect and manage feedback with more precise voting system

Organize feedback from your teammates and customers. Allow users to submit feedback, feature requests or bugs. Manage it from administration dashboard and build effective communication, all in one place.
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Hello, Product Hunters! @kevin, thank you for hunting us! We are happy to introduce you Voxes – feedback-gathering tool dedicated to product leaders. We’ve implemented new voting system, which lets you choose between nice to have, important and critical features to capture more precise information. Voxes key features are: * Public and private Product Roadmap with custom statuses (see our roadmap in live environment: https://feedback.voxes.io) * Posts and comments markdown * Internationalization * Setting estimated date for posts * Option for whitelabel We believe that an effective collaboration with users is a crucial factor in project development. Moreover, Voxes lets you get a priceless advantage over your competitors. Pricing is especially prepared for Indie makers and early-stage startups. Check out our tool, sign up for free and explore new possibilities. You can register with 30% discount for Product Hunters through this link: https://voxes.io/register?coupon... or just contact us after creating an account. We’d love to hear what you think! Let’s celebrate with us Voxes launch :) Patryk, Voxes Founder
@phenrysay Thank you Pierre-Henry! It's motivating to see such words :)
Typo "Learn more about Voxes funcionalities"
@i_shank Thank you Shashank for noticing that. Version with correct text has just been deployed :)