VOX Radio

Listen to the best radio stations from all over the world

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30000 radios for 10$, looks like a good deal )
Cool stuff. Reasonable price.
Vox is my favorite OS X audio player, it's really a fantastic product. I love that they're focusing on radio. Internet radio really brings a human touch to an industry that's been overrun with algorithms corporate playlists. There's still a place for people who really, really love music to share that with people in a communal way.
@acrist7 Just wondering: what's the difference between VOX Radio and the radio as part of the regular VOX app?
@t55 @acrist7 I guess the difference is that Free VOX (on the current version) shows only 10 "Featured" stations, and buying VOX Radio will unlock the full list of 30,000 stations to pick from.
Radio, as part of regular VOX app, is a few sample stations. 30k+ is available after purchasing.
How is this different from TuneIn (or Streema, or other live radiostation directories)?
@gnarvaja Manually selected and sorted category with hi-res (lossless) radio support.
@kostakakabadze lossless radio, cool